Manage to Thrive!

Let me show you how to make your enterprise flourish with regenerative managing.

I invite you to unleash potential, infuse meaning, embrace the individual, liberate creativity, orchestrate vitality, effect creative destruction, and achieve coherence to make your enterprise thrive now and forever.

What is regenerative managing?

Regenerative managing builds up the natural capability of people to create, innovate, and operate an enterprise to thrive in the present while vitalizing it to thrive in the future. Regenerative managing produces regenerative enterprises.


Make routine the creative exploration, profitable operation, and necessary abandonment that sustain your enterprise vitality.


Address the full scope of managing—including leadership, management, and governance—in one comprehensive way of managing.


Practice respect for all people, infuse meaning into their work, and enrich humanity with the value they create.


Instill practices exercising people’s inherent capabilities, appealing to their natural sensibilities, and satisfying their innate needs.

Why regenerative managing?

Existing managing practices hobble leaders in their endless struggle with creative destruction. The result, enterprises all too often progressively degenerate, become mediocre, and eventually fail.

Suppose instead your enterprise naturally regenerates itself through continuous innovation and reinvention to thrive forever.

Choose to thrive! Choose regenerative managing!

Engage Kim

I work with you to tailor an engagement in line with your requirements. I offer Regenerative Management, Regenerative Managing, the Regenerative Enterprise talks, seminars, workshops, and advisement. For delving deeper into exploring to discover your invention and innovation possibility I also offer Infinite Possibility and The Multiverse events as well.

Gain Knowledge

Arrange for a talk to bring the message of regenerative managing to your organization or event.

Gain Experience

Arrange for a workshop to deepen your understanding of regenerative managing  with an interactive learning experience tailored to your needs.

Gain Advice

Arrange for consultation in forming and carrying out your strategy for managing.

About Kim

Kim Korn invented regenerative managing working in collaboration with Joe Pine.

He’s an experienced organization leader and management practitioner turned researcher, writer, and advisor dedicated to bringing a better way of managing to the world—one where flourishing people build flourishing enterprises.